Optimistic Like Eeyore: Resolutions…Again

Chicago from the Skydeck – btw I worked in Sears / Willis Tower

I make no promises about 2016. Only resolutions.

Blogging has gone poorly for me in the past, which is to say that it has not “gone” at all. It’s never been at the top of my To Do list, I get hesitant posting opinions because *GASP* someone might disagree! I also have a horrible habit of thinking I’m clever in the moment, and deeply regretting all my word (and life) choices later on.

But hey. It’s a new year. I just spent a semester – my last semester of college – in Chicago, the first big city I’ve ever lived in. I just got paid for the short story in Crossed Genres that was my first professional sale (more than I expected, because I am bad at math and decimal points are important).

A very new portion of my life is starting. The kind of portion I won’t be able to measure in semesters. So, I’ve got one big blanket resolution to cover at least this first part of that.

As penance for currently being a bum on my parents’ couch, I will attempt to improve myself in a broad range of areas during the period I’m looking for a job.

  • (Finally) finish revising #FairyPrisonBook, enough to query
  • Write / Revise / Submit short stories. Heaps of them, if possible
  • Read at least 60 books. I read 63 in 2015 (twice the consistently-terrible 30 I read for three consecutive years before that). I know I can still do better.
  • Attempt to make new strides in the field of hair, make-up, cooking, etc. All of the areas I have historically neglected
  • Exercise, because I’m at peace with myself in general, but I do feel a lot healthier when I work out regularly
  • Continue trying to teach myself Japanese, but more diligently. Like, find an actual system to do so
  • Actually blog, once a week if not more.

To help accomplish these goals, I’ll be tracking them using a version of the sticker-calendar method touted by one of my favorite authors, Victoria Schwab.

Specific to that last goal, maybe I will blog a picture of my productivity calendar once a week, so I will have at least one update (plus some accountability for tracking things).

That’s a big maybe, though.

I am optimistic about the year ahead, but kind of in the way that Eeyore might be optimistic about the year ahead.

Really though. Happy New Year ♥

Signing off,


P.S. I forgot one last resolution, but this has been ongoing. I have about 70 episodes (+ movie) of X-Files to watch for the first time before the revival airs on January 24. Basically, I’m watching three episodes a day. And quite despite myself, I’m livetweeting all of it.

I have a life


6 thoughts on “Optimistic Like Eeyore: Resolutions…Again

  1. Lara January 1, 2016 / 7:48 am

    I use an app called Coach.Me to “check in” whenever I meet a daily or weekly goal. It’s free, and you get little virtual high fives which sound really lame but are kinda satisfying.

    • Allison Mulder January 1, 2016 / 4:10 pm

      Maybe I’ll check it out! For a while I was using Habitica.com, which turns it into a kind of RPG game…so that was satisfying, but I did eventually fall out of the, er, habit. Maybe I should get back to that, too. – v –

      I have always wanted to try the calendar method though, and start of the year seems like a good time to do so. ^ ^

  2. thepeppersclub January 1, 2016 / 4:02 pm

    Good luck on you plans 🙂

    • Allison Mulder January 1, 2016 / 4:11 pm

      Thanks! And thanks for commenting!

  3. thepeppersclub January 1, 2016 / 4:02 pm


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