Friday Check-in: Week 5

Trying something new this week, leading with what we all really care about: Books. I’ll wrap up my sticker-count for the week at the end, but feel free to skip it.

I’ve liked just putting down a few lines about what I’m in the process of reading, and what I’ve just finished. It’s pretty informal, but that’s kind of what I like about it. Part of why I don’t post more full-length reviews is that I psyche myself out and wind up retreating before I ever hit post, because what if I’m–gasp–wrong about a book? Don’t have that problem as strongly if I’m just tossing off a few lines here and there. Feel free to ask follow-up question (or fangirl) in the comments, or @ me on Twitter.

Green Star Reads for this week:

Besides the textbook for my online class, I read THE GREAT GREENE HEIST, by Varian Johnson, which I keep thinking of as a cross between Holly Black’s Curseworkers series and the show Fillmore! Middle school con artists, doing their thing. Really fun, really enjoyed it.

I finished SERPENTINE, by Cindy Pon, ending with about the same feelings I had in last week’s post. Just didn’t enjoy as much as I wanted to, for reasons I still can’t quite put my finger on. Chalk it up to stylistic differences?

I also started VIOLENT ENDS, which is a very different book than I assumed when I heard about it at Anderson’s YA Lit Con in Chicago. I thought it was just an anthology of horror stories involving…well, violent ends. It’s actually a novel about many different characters connected in some way to a school shooting, with each chapter written by a different author. Names involved include Courtney Summers, Neal Shusterman, Beth Revis, Hannah Moskowitz… There’s a lot of writers involved, resulting in an interesting mix.


  • Livetweet Sessions – There’s a new page where I’ve started using Storify to gather my plethora of tweets about whatever show I’m watching. If you enjoy snark, shipping, and ill-advised puns, that’s probably a good place to find some. Right now it mostly contains tweets about Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries–and if you’re not watching that show, why not? For a quick taste, check out my tweets from the first six episodes.
  • Soundtrack of the Week: The same three anime openings I was listening to last week, with a dash of the Breaking Bad soundtrack.
  • Go-to method of procrastination: As you might have guessed from the above, Breaking Bad… I’m sure all the relevant addiction jokes have already been made. My best friend and critique partner, K.T. Simpson, has also lured me into playing League of Legends with her. The results have been…mixed, and complicated by my complete lack of skill. Other than that, Miss Fisher’s, anime, manga. You know the drill. It may or may not have been a heavy procrastination week.

Sticker Check-in

week 5
January 2016
Week 5 - 2 cropped
First Week of February


  1. Red – 1/2 hr revision (WEEK TOTAL:  1 hr)
  2. Blue – draft 500 new words (WEEK TOTAL: 500 words)
  3. Green – read 100 pages (WEEK TOTAL: 400 pages)
  4. Gold – 1/2 hr studying Japanese (WEEK TOTAL:  6 hrs)
  5. Silver – blog post (WEEK TOTAL: 1)
  6. NOT PICTURED – I’m tracking exercise and adult-like responsibilities in a separate baby-sized calendar also courtesy of Easter Seals.(WEEK TOTAL FOR EXERCISE: 1 time, which I’d be more guilty about if a giant blizzard hadn’t wiped out my workout group).

Points of Note:

  • I switched the colors of revision and Japanese practice, in an attempt to even out my sticker usage. Hunting through ten sticker sheets for red ones has quickly lost its charm.
  • I also decided to log revision by half hours, so that I can’t opt out of it every time I don’t have a full hour to spare. Hopefully this mental trick will help me get my butt in gear.

All in all, productivity really dwindled near the end of the month, following the pattern of New Year’s Resolutions everywhere. February will be better. I hope.

Point of Pride: I have managed to put out a post every week for a month, which is something I haven’t done in ages, if ever.

Thanks for reading,



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