Friday Check-in: Week 9 – Up and Coming 2016

Two things dominate this week. First, my horror-fantasy short story “Decay” has been included in UP AND COMING: STORIES FROM THE 2016 CAMPBELL-ELIGIBLE WRITERS, along with 120 other authors–that’s over 230 works, and 1.1 million words of fiction, available free through March 31, I believe. [Past that date, you can still read “Decay” at Crossed Genres, where it originally appeared.]

As detailed in this post, I kind of snuck in as a technicality, a nobody, but the anthology is full of people more awesome than I am, all of them new professionals in the SFF field. The works included were all originally published in 2014-16. A few people I can specifically recommend: Alyssa Wong (recently nominated for a Nebula and a Bram Stoker award! ), Sunil PatelSarah Gailey, and J.Y. Yang. All lovely individuals, and these are just the people know from Twitter or recommendations. I know I’m probably forgetting someone crucial, and unfamiliar with many necessities. Can’t wait to dig into the anthology myself and get to know even more new fantasy and scifi authors.

Green Star Reads for this week:

AGOS demands the best coat in your possession.

Second big thing of the week: A GATHERING OF SHADOWS came out, and I turned the last page moments before hearing the news that it debuted at #15 on the NYT Bestseller List. I couldn’t be happier for Victoria Schwab, one of my all-time favorite authors, despite all the other emotions brought on by the ending to AGOS. It was wonderful! I just really need the next one. This book definitely earned its place on my favorites shelf, as pictured. I’m putting THE NEAR WITCH on a backburner until I get through my large stack of library books, but I’m looking forward to it. Continuing with the witchy theme, I’m about 130 pages into TRUTHWITCH, by Susan Dennard. I’ll confess, I’m not as completely riveted as I wanted to be–maybe a side effect of reading it right after AGOS–but daaang that dance scene. I have a lot of hope left at the moment, and I’m excited to see more about the different kinds of witches.

Lila belonged near a pirate chest.

I also finished THE X-FILES: GROUND ZERO, by Kevin J. Anderson, a novelization of a certain show pertaining to my last name. It was pretty true to the show. Unfortunately, the show also could be kind of male-gazey with mediocre writing at certain points. I enjoyed myself. I also livetweeted reading it, and posted it on Storify, which you can get to through my Livetweet Sessions tab. If you want to read about nuclear ghosts without actually reading about nuclear ghosts, maybe check that out.

  • Soundtrack of the Week: The ADSOM playlist I still have saved on Spotify.
  • Go-to method of procrastination: I just hit the last season of The Office, which means I get my life back as soon as I finish. I think. Fingers crossed.

Sticker Check-in

Week 920160304_205636


  1. Red – 1/2 hr revision (WEEK TOTAL:  6 hr)
  2. Blue – draft 500 new words (WEEK TOTAL: 10,000 words)
  3. Green – read 100 pages (WEEK TOTAL: 800 pages)
  4. Gold – 1/2 hr studying Japanese (WEEK TOTAL:  8 hrs)
  5. Silver – blog post (WEEK TOTAL: 1)
  6. NOT PICTURED – I’m tracking exercise and adult-like responsibilities in a separate baby-sized calendar also courtesy of Easter Seals.(WEEK TOTAL FOR EXERCISE: 1 time).

Points of Note:

  • Note that the key will change for March. Everything’s the same except Revision is now Silver, and Blog Posts are now Red (in an ongoing effort to even out my sticker usage).
  • I forgot to mention last week, the writing book I’m reading mentioned trying ten-minute warm ups–just writing without stopping–to get your creative juices flowing for bigger projects. I’ve enjoyed this exercise, mainly because I figured out ten minutes of nonstop writing is usually equal to about 500 words (and therefore a Drafting sticker).
  • Total stars for the week went up again. Those last few days of February were great. March has faltered, but I’m going to fix that, especially now that I’ve gotten some feedback I was waiting on from a few CPs.

In summary, download 1.1 million words of free fiction, buy AGOS (which is not free, but is excellent), and I will see you guys next week.

Thanks for reading,



2 thoughts on “Friday Check-in: Week 9 – Up and Coming 2016

  1. Angela March 5, 2016 / 11:52 am

    Whenever I see pictures of someone’s bookshelves, I need to inspect every title to see if I have any of the same! Great post!

    • Allison Mulder March 5, 2016 / 5:21 pm

      Aw, thank you! And yeah, this is literally the FAVORITE shelf, with the top four authors I talk about whenever anyone asks who my favorite author is. Victoria Schwab, Maggie Stiefvater, Jonathan Stroud, and Scott Westerfeld.

      Unfortunately, I’ve run out of room, so now some books must migrate to the shelf below.

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