Friday Check-in: Week 10 – Spring Breaks my Willpower

So, this week was a disgrace, and the excuse I’m going with is: Spring Break.

I may not be on campus this semester, I may only have one online class in the works, but it’s still Spring Break…and more specifically, it was Lil Bro’s Spring Break. He brought home Virtue’s Last Reward, the sequel to 999, and as part of an ongoing effort to get me into (and better at) videogames, he urged me to get through it over the week. Thirty hours later, I am finally, finally done, unless there’s some other surprise post-credit conditional ending I don’t know about because I’m pretty sure I ended the game three times in addition to the nine legitimate endings and a bunch of game overs and “To Be Continued”s.

*deep breath*

If you’ve ever read a Choose Your Own Adventure book, especially the way I used to as a kid (trying to reach every possible ending a la many, many sad little bookmark papers), you’ve basically felt this experience already.

It also finally got warm enough to walk and run outside, which I did twice and very much enjoyed. Despite geese. A few bugs. Some puddles. And–on one run–four thinly-spaced zombie chases a la Zombies Run.

And, last excuse, I also livetweeted my first time watching both Clueless and Heathers, available under my livetweet sessions tab. It was a swell time.

Green Star Reads for this week:

Basically, I just finished TRUTHWITCH, by Susan Dennard. I kept reading 90% for the ships. And not the main ship (though like, that was fine too) but two crack ships involving the same antagonist. I will probably read any sequels just to see if one ever comes to fruition (if not both).

  • Soundtrack of the Week: Every soundtrack loop in Virtue’s Last Reward. My Zombies Run playlist. Flashes of Hamilton.
  • Go-to method of procrastination: Virtue’s Last Reward, livetweeting movies, the great outdoors, and I also started Dexter, which I’m enjoying if only because it’s dancing around some of the same questions of conscience that come up in #FairyPrisonBook.

Sticker Check-in

Week 10


  1. Silver – 1/2 hr revision(WEEK TOTAL:  1/2 hr)
  2. Blue – draft 500 new words (WEEK TOTAL: 2,000 words)
  3. Green – read 100 pages(WEEK TOTAL: 300 pages)
  4. Gold – 1/2 hr studying Japanese (WEEK TOTAL:  5 hrs)
  5. Red – blog post (WEEK TOTAL: 1)
  6. NOT PICTURED – I’m tracking exercise and adult-like responsibilities in a separate baby-sized calendar also courtesy of Easter Seals.(WEEK TOTAL FOR EXERCISE: 3 times).

Points of Note:

  • The two outdoor runs were for longer than usual morning workout group goes. From 45 – 1:15 minutes or so. Some yard work also added to the time I was outside doing things instead of inside doing sticker-things.
  • I feel like I should keep these points of interest going, but like, this was not a real interesting week.
  • Total stars for this week were a disgrace, and I will do better next time.

Also, quick reminder, all this month you can still download  UP AND COMING: STORIES FROM THE 2016 CAMPBELL-ELIGIBLE WRITERS, including my horrific tooth fairy short story, “Decay” (originally published and free to read at Crossed Genres) along with over 230 works by 120 other authors–over 1.1 million words of fiction, all for free.

If you’ve read “Decay” and want to hear more about the process behind it, you can also read the New Author Spotlight interview I did with Crossed Genres back when “Decay” was first published–since, judging from Twitter, a few more people have read the story lately, and seemed to like it! Very exciting for me, thank you so much to everyone who’s said a kind word that I can file away for dark days in the future.

Thanks for reading, as always,



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