Friday Check-in: Week 16 – Desks and Domesticity

So it’s been an interesting week.Snapchat-4411462679557942561

Despite the lack of a job, permanent dwelling, or even household essentials like, say, plates, I spontaneously acquired a rolltop desk, a whirlwind which was recorded in this Twitter thread. Last week’s Ash Plain near my house has transitioned into a dirt patch sprouting many pleasant green shoots, promising bland, pleasant green grass. I also did another Productivity Maroonment, which went fairly quietly beyond a minor Word scare (thought I lost 5k of WIP).

Today, my parents were gone at a conference, and I did not lounge with abandon (as was my right) but instead 1) worked out, 2) did dishes while listening to first two episodes of the eerie and fascinating Alice Isn’t Dead podcast, 3) made an excessive amount of rice, curry, and chicken for me and siblings with minimal flailing. We feasted like kings, and only regretted it a little bit. We’re also set for lunch tomorrow, so A+, self.

Green Star Reads for this week:

Things found within my desk. Creepy doll hand still my favorite.

I finished SAVING FRANCESCA, by Melina Marchetta. As usual, Marchetta’s characters are far from perfect, but they are perfect in combination and I love them to tiny, fragmented pieces. The shipping was strong in all corners here.

I started reading SCHAUM’S QUICK GUIDE TO WRITING GREAT SHORT STORIES, a book that I won in a drawing at the awards ceremony for a middle-school(?) writing contest through my library system. I found a bookmark part-way through, so I’m wondering if I…never finished it? This would explain why the majority of my shorts turn out so weird, so this time around I am determined to finish the thing.

I read HEROES OF THE VALLEY, by Jonathan Stroud, another of my Top 4 favorite authors. Somehow the existence of this one totally brushed past my consciousness until I found it in the library, but I liked it a lot! Different than the other books I’ve read by Stroud, mostly because it’s more high fantasy, but in the best of ways it was just like his other books; clever, and fun, with enough world-building quirks and twists in the plot to keep me riveted.

I am now about a hundred pages into the highly-recommended THE GIRL FROM EVERYWHERE, by Heidi Heilig. So far it is about half-and-half between “UGH DAD” and outrageous flirting with Persian thief LI, and I am here for it.

  • Soundtrack of the Week: Still listening to all favorited songs on Spotify. That’s been fitting my needs pretty well.
  • Go-to method of procrastination: This week I realized I have tried out like 14 new anime from this season. And I think that number has gone up now. Send help.

Sticker Check-in

2016-04-22 22.10.09


  1. Blue – 1/2 hr revision(WEEK TOTAL:  3 & 1/2 hrs)
  2. Silver – draft 500 new words (WEEK TOTAL: 6,500 words)
  3. Green – read 100 pages (WEEK TOTAL: 800 pages)
  4. Gold – 1/2 hr studying Japanese (WEEK TOTAL:  2 hrs)
  5. Red – blog post (WEEK TOTAL: 1)
  6. NOT PICTURED – I’m tracking exercise and adult-like responsibilities in a separate baby-sized calendar also courtesy of Easter Seals.(WEEK TOTAL FOR EXERCISE: 2 times).

Points of Note:

  • IMG_20160420_080701
    Bonus selfie / new Twitter pic

    No one talk about Camp ReviseNoWriMoIt never happened. We never had this conversation.

  • I thought I did a little better than last week, but my total stickers actually went down by one. So…oops? I did do some non-stickered bonus things, like job apps and cooking, so I’ll allow it.

Looking forward to the week ahead, I’ve got a Banquet thing with the English Department on my college campus, so I guess if people cry over the nearness of graduation, you’ll get to hear about that next blog post.

Thanks for reading,




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