New and Upcoming Short Stories Published

Hey everybody,

So I haven’t posted here in a while since the plan with the productivity calendar faced the most predictable demise possible, but lately I’ve had several short stories go up in consecutive months, so here’s a round-up of what’s new and forthcoming in the world of Allison’s Fiction.

“Collecting Jessup” illustration by Scott Altmann, IGMS, 2017.

First, “Collecting Jessup” went up in the Feb/March issue of InterGalactic Medicine Show. It’s currently subscribe-to-read, but there’s a preview here, with an illustration which I am endlessly excited about.

Then, on March 3, “THE ZOMBEE PROJECT 3.0” went up in podcast form (and text) at Escape Pod, as part of their Artemis Rising event showcasing women and nonbinary authors. I personally love the Escape Artists podcasts, and it was great to hear an audio version of one of my stories. If you’ve got a spare 40 minutes, give it a listen. I’m so glad to be a part of Artemis Rising, and if you get a chance, check back throughout the month for the other stories involved!

“THE ZOMBEE PROJECT 3.0” has also been included in Event Horizon 2017: An anthology of authors eligible for the John W.Campbell Award for Best New Writer, downloadable for free through July 15, 2017. My Campbell-eligibility is for years 2015/2016, and I really enjoyed being in last year’s Up and Coming Campbell Anthology. Great to be involved with this one too, alongside so many other great authors.

As of today, March 13, I have a 600-word story called “Where the Demon Lives” up at T. Gene Davis’s Speculative Fiction Blog. It’s one of the first flash pieces I’ve sold, and it involves a demon fingernail.

Sometime around April or May, my first pro sale, “Decay” (Originally published at Crossed Genres) will also be podcasted at Tales to Terrify. Creepy tooth fairies in audio form is going to be creeeepyyyyy and I can’t wait.

Other Updates

I tweaked my fiction page to add rough word counts for each story. I’ve considered adding a kind of spooky-scale too, since there is a large difference between the light and sweet “Collecting Jessup” and the creepy, horrifying “Decay,” only…I’m pretty sure my spooky-sale is pretty warped and Allison-specific, so I’m not sure how useful that would be.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned on this blog that I’m now slush-reading for Strange Horizons, sifting through submissions to see what’s worth passing up to the editors. It’s already been such a great experience. The only downside is that lately I’ve been hopping into the slush pile during sections of time when I’d normally be writing. Still, loving it. Fascinating to see what comes through a magazine’s raw submissions.

Over on Twitter, I’ve been doing a thing I generally refer to as “Today’s Workout Story“: I made a casual goal for the year, to pick a short story podcast and work out for at least that long daily. It’s actually been great for consistency with reading goals and regular exercise. On skip days I have to read three non-audio short stories. I can listen to a non-story podcast, but I have to sub in an additional non-audio short story. The chain’s been continuous since the start of the year until the last few days, when I was visiting a friend and had no time / means to work out. I’ll be reading some make-up stories for those days. Anyway, aside from motivating me to work out in our basement or brave the wild outdoors to walk on a half-frozen bike path, this challenge has resulted in a Twitter thread full of awesome stories. I’m thinking about collecting them into a Storify for somewhat easier scrolling…

That’s about it for now.

If you check out one of my latest published works, thank you! I hope you enjoy it, and I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks for reading,



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