Livetweet Sessions

If this blog seems to update sporadically, it’s because most of my social media energy is spent on Twitter. Amidst all the rest of my stupid jokes, I have a fondness for tweeting about television. Recent tweet-fodder has included the entirety of X-Files (including its revival) and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries…

People seem to enjoy this. At the very least, a few suggested Storifying these sessions for later reference.

So, consider this my archive of snark, shipping, and ill-advised puns.


Age of Ice (w/ Kate Lechler)

Airplane Vs. Volcano (w/ Kate Lechler)



Cowboys Vs. Dinos (w/ Kate Lechler)

The Craft (w/ Kate Lechler)

Gone Girl

Hannibal (the movie)


Little Dead Rotting Hood (w/ Kate Lechler)

Practical Magic

Sharknado (w/ Kate Lechler)

Stung (w/ Kate Lechler)

Tales of Halloween (w/ Kate Lechler)

The Mummy (w/ #WatchWinceRT crowd)

Zoombies (w/ Kate Lechler)

Zombeavers (w/ Kate Lechler)


Novelization, X-Files: Ground Zero, by Kevin J. Anderson

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries – Started Storifying at 2 X 10, thus the gaps before that point.

Season 1: – 1-6

Season 2 : – 8 & 9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13

Season 3: – 1

The OA – All


Not quite livetweeting, but my adjacently nerdy Lil Bro had me play through Undertale for his Youtube channel. Since I’m horrible at videogames, humor and strange voiceovers ensued. Here’s a link to the playlist.